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משקה כוהלי שוצ'ו אורז קומוריאוטה 720 מ"ל

219.00 NIS

1800 g

Old Vintage Komoriuta - Authentic Rice Shochu
Keeping with the traditional way of producing rice shochu, we used earthen jars for the aging containers.

It is characterized by its mild and sugary sweetness of rice, made by aging in earthen vessels for over three years. Because of the many pores on the surface of the earthen jar, it makes for a mild and sweet taste.

Komoriuta is a good for someone new to Shochu, or someone who wishes for shochu with a more mild taste.

Ingredients      Rice (Japan), Rice Koji (Japan)
Quantity          720ml
Alcohol Content          30%
Classification   Honkaku Shochu

משקה כוהלי שוצ'ו אורז קומוריאוטה 720 מ"ל