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אורז לבן יפני 10 ק"ג

299.00 NIS 330.00 NIS

11000 g

Ubara Rice - Shikiyutaka 10kg
UBARA RICE is delicious rice brought to you by professional craftsmen, and produced in a rich natural environment at the foot of Mt. TSUKUBA in the IBARAKI prefecture.

Each and every grain has a strong presence, chewy, sweet and fragrant with a sticky feel enabling you to fully enjoy its sweetness.
Since the rice still tastes great even after it cools down, it’s also well suited for rice balls and packed lunch.
Also, it has a sophisticated taste which is said to be superior to Koshihikari.

The UBARA RICE is grown with no or very low amount of agricultural chemicals, so you can enjoy our rice without any concern.

 אורז לבן יפני 10 ק"ג
אורז ממחוז יאבראקי

茨城県産 茨米(しきゆたか)10㎏